Magical amulets for health and happiness

Chinese coins for good luck

Amulets and talismans are a kind of "crutches" of the subconscious that help attract everything that is considered a symbol of success and repel negativity. You can buy or make magic amulets for health and happiness yourself.

Solving problems

A person always strives for comfort: health, wealth (or at least prosperity), success, recognition. Applying the maximum of their own strength, which is sometimes not enough, people think about outside help.

Why do fairy tale heroes get a magic wand, walking boots, a magic pike or a goldfish that fulfills wishes, but nothing similar happens in real life? Where is the fairy godmother who will solve all problems with one hand movement?

If we acknowledge the possibility of the existence of magical objects in real life, the question arises: how do they work and where can I get them? If there was no letter from Hogwarts on your eleventh birthday, then you need to look the other way.

Amulets for money and happiness

amulet money frog for good luck

One of the most important aspirations of mankind is material wealth. Magicians claim that it is not at all difficult to open cash flow and attract money. For this purpose, amulets are used:

  • a toad with a coin in its mouth. Most often, the figures are made of metal and painted in gold. A frog can sit on a hill of coins, sometimes accompanied by goldfish. In order for the Frog to make an income, a banknote is placed under her stomach. As soon as the desire to increase profits arises, the banknote is exchanged for another, larger denomination, and the magnetized one is spent (necessarily on something that will bring joy, satisfaction);
  • the same coins that the Frog holds in its mouth, in the amount of three pieces, must be carried in a purse. They will attract profit and will not allow the wallet to remain empty. Through a hole in the middle, which every magic coin has, they must be fastened with thread or a thin red ribbon;
  • You can put a miniature spoon for a souvenir or a shovel in your wallet, and say: "draw wealth with a full spoon" or "paddle money with a shovel";
  • You can buy the Wheel of Fortune amulet. He is considered one of the strongest, and he is able to attract money in the shortest possible time, solve material problems and get him out of debt. Moreover, the Wheel of Fortune protects its owner from unscrupulous partners, warns of unsuccessful transactions. The amulet must be worn around the neck, with a leather rope passed through the eyelet;
  • happiness in any business will be brought by a four-leaf clover. You can try to find this miracle in nature, harvest and dry it, and then carry it with you. You can buy a picture of a magic clover made of metal or stone.

Amulets for health

pendant amulet for happiness

To preserve and increase health, to protect yourself from the evil eye, you must wear amulets:

  • with the image of Lada - enhances female energy, encourages conception and childbirth. The pendant with her image must be worn under the shirt directly on the skin;
  • with the image of Beregini - the ancient great-grandmother, who was presented as a half-bird, half-bird. Bereginya protects the family, gives strength, drives away diseases;
  • with the image of a snake, a snake ball (intertwined with a ring, twisted in the shape of a cross) drives away diseases, bad thoughts, protects from the evil eye. You can wear a pendant or a ring with a snake.
rune bracelet as an amulet for happiness

In addition, you need to store talismans and amulets at home:

  • on the west side - crane figurines;
  • in the north - a wolf figurine;
  • on the threshold - the palm on which the all-seeing eye is shown.

The more faith there is in the power of the amulet, the better it "works". Magical amulets for health and happiness need to be filled with positive thoughts and kindness.