Amulet for wealth and happiness: how it works and where to buy, it costs

It is no secret that many businessmen, celebrities and only successful people have their own amulet that brings wealth and happiness. Pendants with runes and pentagrams, rings with semi-precious stones, animal figurines and much more are used to attract blessings. Among the many such talismans stands out the amulet from the royal coin, known as the royal.

How do amulets work?

At first glance, in the age of scientific discoveries and technological progress, magic has sunk into oblivion. However, it is not. There are people who carefully preserve and pass on from generation to generation the knowledge of their ancestors, restore lost spells, recipes and rituals. Ancient amulets have incredible power. They energetically influence their owner, charge him and give him huge potential.

an amulet for happiness

New possibilities suddenly open up before the person, he concentrates on the right things, establishes useful connections, understands how to achieve the desired goal. Troubles and failures pass him by.

How do amulets of happiness and wealth work? The action of any magical thing is based on energy-information changes. Man is not just a physical shell. The subtle body can be affected, not visible to the human eye. It can be an energy message or a magical thing. In the physical world, each object has specific energy properties - the intensity and frequency of radiation, the ability to interact with the fields of other objects, etc.

Some of them can directly affect the physical world (for example, a magnet). The action of the amulet is based on the natural properties of the material, enhanced by a magical conspiracy, prayer, ritual or symbolism.

History of the Imperial Amulet

The royal amulet begins its history of existence in the 17th century. It was made for the first time by the deacon of the monastery. In times of unrest, when the young king was threatened with death by conspirators, he was forced to flee. Arriving at the monastery, the king fell ill.

The situation was extremely precarious. Then the deacon, wanting to help the king, made a magical amulet for him for happiness. Taking the coin as a basis, he spent the night in prayer, and in the morning handed it over with the words: "From now on, happiness will always be on your side, it will bring you victory over enemies, immense wealth and power. May the Lord be with you! "

The conspirators were soon defeated and imprisoned in the monastery, and the king came to power and became the first emperor. With his coming to power, the dynasty flourished. According to legend, each subsequent emperor had his own personal amulet with royal money.


pendant amulet for happiness

Today, many people live near the poverty line. They are forced to work from morning till night, they receive coins, which are hardly enough to buy what they need. Entrepreneurs are failing, falling into debt. Meanwhile, a neighbor buys another car without much effort. The money seemed to float in his hands. It's called success, happiness. To win a fortune, you need a royal amulet. How does it work:

  • promotes career advancement;
  • affects debts and debtors;
  • gives the owner luck in everything, including drawing the lottery;
  • helps to accumulate and increase the monetary situation;
  • promote business expansion;
  • brings success in all financial transactions, negotiations.

The royal amulet is endowed with positive energy, which is transferred to the owner. In addition, the person gained self-confidence and strength, makes the right decisions. There is a clear understanding of where and how to proceed, what needs to be done to achieve the desired goal.

How is an amulet made and where can I buy it?

During the revolution, the Bolsheviks desecrated the shrines of the monastery, and his servants were forced to flee abroad. The secret of the imperial amulet is seemingly lost forever. However, years later the monastery was renovated. Today, people come from all over to worship his shrines.

The secret of the royal amulet is kept sacred to this day. If you wish, you can even order such an amulet for yourself or a loved one. They make it from a real royal coin, saying special prayers on behalf of the person. As you can imagine, this creates certain difficulties. There are not so many royal coins left, so the number of amulets is limited.

It is worth noting that other banknotes are not suitable for creating an imperial amulet. Coins obtained unfairly, stolen or counterfeited are also worthless.

What else do you need to know about the amulet?

For an amulet to bring happiness and wealth, simply procuring it and putting it on a shelf is not enough. The thing should be as close as possible to the owner, to feed his energy. You can use the coin as a pendant, carry it in your wallet or purse. It is recommended that you occasionally hold the talisman in your hands and mentally ask it for what you want. During important transactions or negotiations, an amulet should also be on hand.

It is not recommended for foreigners to show a talisman, and even more to give it into their own hands. It is not advisable to give or sell your amulet. Remember, it is charged for a specific person. At the end of life, children can inherit it.


Despite the production of the name and limited series, the amulet still managed to find some fame for itself. Today, tens and hundreds of people across the country are discussing it. Here is what people who have experienced the effect of the amulet on themselves write on the Internet:

round amulet for happiness

"It happened that I had to deal with diseases for 10 years. All the money went to treatment, a huge debt was formed.

The money did not stay in the family, the struggle for survival began. I turned to psychics, but failures and lack of money continued to haunt me. Coincidentally, an article about amulets caught my eye and I decided that this was my last chance. I borrowed money and ordered an imperial amulet. I wear it and carry it with me all the time. I gradually paid off my debts, repaired with my husband. We live without complaining about anything, and we even have the opportunity to save money for a "rainy day"

Hello. I want to tell you how the amulet helped my daughter. Since childhood, my little girl was well-mannered, obedient, she always studied perfectly. Yes, and her appearance is attractive - slender, hair under the shoulders. The only thing, a little shy, she was unlucky in her private life, all her girlfriends were already married, and she didn't even go out on dates.

I decided to give her a royal amulet for good luck. My daughter liked it. . I won't say that right away, but gradually my little girl blossomed. I became self-confident, I met a wonderful guy from a very hardworking family. I proposed to her the other day. I can say with certainty that the royal coin is an amulet of happiness and wealth and love.

"Believe it or not in the power of amulets, everyone decides for themselves. It brings me happiness and money personally. I won't say that I became a millionaire, but my income has definitely increased. I finally bought a car and now I'm saving for a country house.

"Until recently, I was skeptical about magic, amulets and other similar things. I decided to buy a royal coin, just because a good friend advised me. My job was not going very well, tax controls, I have nothing to pay for rent, but I was thinkingabout closing the bar. But with the amulet, the flow of money has improved. I'm already thinking about expanding. "

amulets for happiness

"I'm in a hurry to share my success! I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but after buying the amulet, a week later I was promoted to store manager! I am very satisfied, I am looking forward to positive changes in the future! "

There are no negative reviews about the amulet on the Internet. The magic of the royal coin seems to be really effective. Or maybe its owners just strongly believed in it. It is no secret that miracles happen only to those who sincerely believe in them and wait.

The royal amulet has enormous power. However, in order to show your full potential, you need to make no mistakes yourself. It is very important to burn out from the desire to change your destiny, look for opportunities and make efforts to achieve what you want. Then happiness and wealth will not make you wait.